Zoe Birkett

MINI REVIEW: The Bodyguard, King’s Theatre

The Bodyguard UK Tour is one of the hottest tickets in town – and rightly so. An explosive opening number makes way for a spectacular showcase of concert-like performances of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. Notably, most of the directorial emphasis seems to be placed on the musical numbers throughout the show, the sections of spoken dialogue therefore seem somewhat sandwiched between numbers and rendered as unimportant. Regardless, The Bodyguard is an emotional and powerful show of love and commitment. Zoe Birkett is phenomenal as superstar Rachel Marron, her powerhouse vocals are spectacular to witness whilst her acting is tender and moving. Her renditions of One Moment in Time and, of course, I Will Always Love You are stand out moments in the show, bringing an excited Glasgow audience to a hypnotic hush of awe.