Bill Kenwright

MINI REVIEW: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Edinburgh Playhouse

Bill Kenwright’s touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biblical musical is undergoing another UK tour and this theatregoer was thrilled to encounter a remarkably slicker production than the 2013 tour. Following a last minute contract withdrawal from the original star headlined to be the show’s Narrator, Amelia Lily sweeped in to save the day with her strong vocals and impressive knowledge of the show regardless of her limited time in rehearsals. In the absences of long-running Jacob/Potiphar Henry Metcalfe, Chris Kayson stepped into the roles with a breath of fresh energy. The ensemble, too, seemed sharper than before and Lloyd Daniels provided an adorable Welsh charm to the titular character. As the result of an impressively strong cast, the overall show became a much more enjoyable experience; one could relax and enjoy the child-targeted special effects and be swept up in the charmingly quirky work of Lloyd Webber. Until the next tour!