MINI REVIEW: Filter’s Macbeth, Citizen’s Theatre

Having spent the last few months engaged in university activities, my little blog has almost completely slipped my mind. Fortunately, I’ve still had time to catch several UK tours that have stopped off in Scotland in addition to a handful of Scottish productions in Glasgow and Edinburgh. In the midst of scary exam season cramming sessions, I present to you a brief round up of the shows I’ve seen so far this year (in very small daily instalments).

Filter’s Macbeth at the Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow 31st January 2015

I had high expectations for Filter’s adaptation of my favourite Shakespeare play, bold and playful, dark and thrilling, but it seemed evident from the start that this production wasn’t the Macbeth of my dreams. There can be no denying that there are flickers of genius – Macbeth’s demise to madness brought on by his interaction with a study guide for Shakespeare’s Macbeth was fascinating to watch  – but it does not remain consistently interesting to captivate my full attention. A game of blind man’s buff, Lady Macbeth frantically packaging party bags, Macbeth circling the stage distractedly during Lady Macbeth’s “unsex me” speech, the bold ideas continue and the play remains faithful to the linear narrative of Shakespeare’s work but my yearning for an identifiable Macbeth in the Scottish hills, glamorous yet teetering on the edge of ruination and tragedy was not fulfilled. The on-stage electronic musical apparatus and the casual modern day costumes bring this Macbeth too close to the ‘now’ of theatre. Filter succeeds in modernising Shakespeare’s play but I am still undecided if this was the correct choice to make.


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