REVIEW: Tomorrow, Tramway

It begins as a single unsteady vision slowly clarifying into a factory line up, delicately attending rubber masks. In time they are greeted by youthful faces, each gently taking up a mask and gazing at it with interest as they wander away. These faces are their own future.

A fascinating opening scene makes way for an enthralling show rich with moments of joyful laugher and poignant scenes that draw gasps and sighs from the audience. Visually breathtaking and accompanied by a beautiful score that sends shivers down the spine, Tomorrow is a triumph that must be experienced.

Bravely tackling the implications, fears and inevitability of growing old, Vanishing Point’s newest show elegantly expresses its tale through a series of vivid images; spectacular moments of lighting design provide a cinematic experience – the effects are so stunning that it seems almost impossible that everything we see is live action with no special effects other than smoke machines and several torches expertly angled for fantastic effects.

This incredible achievement by Vanishing Point is gripping from start to finish. A show that leaves one quite speechless to ponder on life, death and the process of growing old. A must see.


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