REVIEW: And Then There Were None, Dundee Rep Theatre

The world’s best-selling mystery novel of all time. Over 100 million copies sold. For more than 70 years Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None has baffled, thrilled and entertained generation after generation – and still the ending is a well kept secret! Christie’s mystery is being elegantly brought to life at the Dundee Rep Theatre by a strong ensemble cast and direction by Kenny Miller.

Invited to an isolated island, ten strangers arrive for a party they cannot escape from. Accused of past crimes, the guests are disposed of one by one, their deaths conveniently paralleling the deaths featured in the grizzly British Nursery rhyme Ten Little Soldier Boys. With no Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot on hand to solve the mystery, the surviving guests must use their own instincts to discover the identity of the murderer and save themselves from being another little soldier boy smashed to the floor. 
Miller’s design is simply stunning, complete with an elongated window overlooking the crashing sea and centred with a mirrored bar providing an endless supply of liquid for the diminishing party of guests. Miller’s production is a visual treat and, accompanied by Ross Adam Brown’s music and sound design, sets the hauntingly decadent tone of this masterpiece. 
This production is delivered with an equal  balance of comedy and thrilling suspense. In several instances, members of the cast are seated at the edge of the stage with their back to the audience – presumably blocking views for those sat at the front of the auditorium and certainly making it increasingly difficult for those sat towards the back of the auditorium to hear the lines being delivered on stage. 
The Ensemble has been granted special permission to reinstate the denouement of Christie’s novel for this production thus restoring the chilling impact of And Then There Were None. However, as the auditorium plunged into darkness in the final seconds of the play, one couldn’t help but feel slightly unfulfilled by the seeming uncertainty of the ending. 
Regardless, And Then There Were None is an evening of murder, mystery and plenty of gasps from the audience. Will any guest get out alive? Find out at the Dundee Rep (until 29th March 2014).

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