REVIEW: This Wide Night, Tron Theatre (Preview)

One day on Pluto is the equivalent to an entire week on Earth so perhaps Lorraine should think herself lucky that her 12 years were served here on Earth. After her release from jail, Lorraine heads directly to Marie’s shabby, dirty studio flat. Previously Lorraine’s cell mate and now a lost girl in the big world, Marie lives in constant fear. With the “free” ladies finding themselves once again confined to four walls, emotions run high as they experience the effects and difficulties of leaving prison.

Chloe Moss has created a play of both dark intensity and light-hearted glee. One moment the engaged audience is laughing at the joyful characters on stage yet when things take a turn for the worse – and they often do – the audience shares the heartache of both Lorraine and Marie as they adapt to life sans prison walls.

Elaine C. Smith and Jayd Johnson give touching and intense performances as the ex cell mates. With Simon Wilkinson’s lighting design being particularly effective in the latter scenes of the play and Karen Tennent’s design highlighting the living standards of the vulnerable characters, This Wide Night is a tender, truthful and powerful piece of theatre that is being brought to life at the Tron theatre until 15th March 2014.


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